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Why Having A Dedicated Legal Conveyancer Is So Important

Why Having A Dedicated Legal Conveyancer Is So Important

Your own Personal Legal Aid

If you are a first time buyer or are looking to sell your property, you may be surprised to learn that agreeing on a price for your property is not the final step when it comes to the purchase being complete.

Essentially, the hard work starts once a sale has been agreed. The process can be a tricky one and the timescales from agreeing the sale through to final completion can take on average between eight and nine months. We have even heard of some instances of this process taking up to a year to complete.

Unfortunately, the longer that this takes, there is a higher chance more that the sale might fall through. There are many reasons for this, people can pull out if their circumstances change – they may lose their jobs or fall pregnant – anything can happen which could have a detrimental impact on the property deal being finalised.

It has been reported that 60% of all house deals will fall through – but not at Lovett Estate Agents. Our fall out rate (where a deal is not completed) is at a tiny 13-18% which is an industry record and is significantly minimal in comparison to the industry average. No other agents are even close to this reduced fall out rate – but how are Lovett International achieving this reduced level?

It is all down to having our very own dedicated legal conveyancer – Clair Clarke. Her sole responsibility is to get the property deal done, chasing solicitors for both parties on a daily basis so that the entire process is as smooth and streamlined as possible, so that the deal can be completed in as little time as possible. The benefits on having a resource like Clair to control and finalise the deal is second-to-none and her hard work is the reason why Lovett are achieving such a small fall out rate.

Founder of Lovett Estate Agent, Maximillian De Kment who has over thirty-three years’ experience in the property business explains:

“The reason why people use us time and time again is because we are the only property agent that has a dedicated personal conveyancer.  When you buy and sell a property with Lovett Estate Agent, you will have unrivalled access to this service. Essentially, you have your own personal legal representative who will progress your sale all the way through to completion.  It’s imperative that you use an agent that has a dedicated resource that is on the case – chasing the sale which is a major draw for all our customers.”

In fact, Clair is the member of the team that receives the most plaudits from happy customers thanking her for getting the sale across the line. With this in mind, if you are thinking of buying or indeed selling a property – don’t be part of the 60% fall out and choose the smart alternative – Lovett Estate Agent – we will get you across the line.

To view our properties for sale, click here or to speak to one of our professional experts about selling your property click here to book a property valuation.


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