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Happy Ten Year Anniversary To Lettings Manager Charlotte!

Happy Ten Year Anniversary To Lettings Manager Charlotte!

The Lovett office is in high-spirits this week as our Lettings Manager Charlotte Hannen-Saracoglu celebrates her ten year anniversary with us. I hope you’ll agree this is a fantastic accolade.

We believe this is a sign of excellent staff retention and proves what a great place Lovett International is to work, so we asked Charlotte why she enjoys her job so much;

What’s the best thing about working for Lovett International?

The flexibility I have of putting business ideas into practice. I have many friends who work in the same industry who have fantastic ideas for advertising, promotions etc, they get heard and promised to be put into practice and it never happens.
Being listened to and trusted at Lovett International gives me the confidence to speak out about opportunities and when they are a success, helps the company develop. In addition it puts the Directors mind at ease that we are running a successful Lettings department, allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of the business.
I love working with people and building relationships, whether it be with my staff members, tenants, landlords or members of our in house maintenance team, working for Lovett International often feels like I have extended family.

 “If you work hard, you are acknowledged and rewarded at Lovett International, I find that very important as it makes me work even harder”

Funniest moment at work in your 10 year history?

Arriving at a property to carry out a valuation which was booked and confirmed the day before, to find the front door wide open, me entering the property shouting “hello”, “hello” turning into what looked like the lounge to find the landlord sat on the toilet, legs open reading a magazine, I’m not sure who was more embarrassed! We had to walk round the whole of a three-bedroom house together so I could take details. Very awkward to say the least but we laughed about it a few weeks later once the property had been let and new tenants moved in.

Proudest moment over your 10 years?

I think being shortlisted twice by the Estate Agent Awards for Best Manager and every year the lettings department reach their annual targets, as it shows all the hard work we put in as a team to make it work.

What makes Lovett lettings stand out from the rest in your opinion?

Working as a team, striving to be the best and give the ultimate customer service. Believe it or not, there are still business’s out there that forget how important customer service is; I walked into an establishment a couple of weeks ago and was stood for at least one minute, neither of the two members of staff looked up or acknowledged me, admittedly one was on the phone, but Lovett lettings staff will always acknowledge someone walking in and mime “just on the phone, be with you in a couple of minutes” if they need to. I’m very lucky to have staff members who acknowledge the importance of customer service all round and as a result I get repeated good feedback. Also communicating within the team, this is important. I have many Landlords who compliment us on this, explaining they have had bad experiences in the past creating bad feeling and frustration. We try to meet the needs of all of our tenant and landlords regardless of what their situation. We are not perfect all of the time, but always strive to deliver to a high standard.

If you’d like to talk to Charlotte about letting your property please email her on charlotte@lovettinternational.com She’d love to hear from you!






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